Prophet Gideon Danso Survives Assassination Attempt

Head pastor of the Empowerment Worship Centre, Prophet Gideon Danso escaped death by the skin of the teeth Sunday dawn after gun wielding assailants stormed his Airport residence.

The incident happened at 3am on the dawn of the climax of the church’s ‘Heaven on Earth Conference’ which saw several top American and Nigerian pastors taking turns to minister the gospel with popular singer Israel Houghton also performing on the final night of the 5-day conference.

Recounting the terrifying ordeal to his congregation at Sunday’s church service, Prophet Danso, who was one of the pastors given special mention in  Nana Akufo-Addo’s acceptance speech on his election as Ghana president, revealed that the attack by the two gun-brandishing men lasted close to an hour as they kept telling him their mission was just to end his life and not to rob him of anything.

They told me they had been sent to kill me and they have to carry out the order that had been handed them. I told them I am a man of God but they still insisted they had to carry out the orders they were  given. After minutes of  back and forth with the assailants, they spared my life and left with only my wrist watch and mobile phone. They didn’t ask for any other thing before fleeing,” Prophet Gideon Danso narrated.

Prophet Gideon Danso is a protege of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams.



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