MP Kyagulanyi’s wife prayed, fasted for a year. Here’s why

R-L: Pr Wilson Bugembe, Sarah Nakayi (Mesach Sseakula’s wife), Barbara Kyagulanyi Itungo( Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s wife) and Aisha Nakyeyune (Ronald Mayinja’s wife) PHOTO: Abby Pix

Worship House lead Pastor Wilson Bugembe on Saturday hosted Barbara Kyagulanyi Itungo, wife to well known legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine.

The former high school Scripture Union leader of 6 years in her speech at the Church dinner revealed how at the age of 18 she wrote a list of things she needed in her future, and one of them was to work with less privileged people.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe said Barbie and Bobi – as many Ugandans prefer to call them – inspire, especially the young people in various communities across the country.

“Put politics aside, they have one of the most amazing stories ever written. Barbie and Bobi are giving people hope,” Pr Bugembe said.

Mrs Kyagulanyi said it’s easy to become immune to, and much less grateful for, the small things in our lives.

The Born-again mother of four explained that many Christians allow their feelings of being overwhelmed by present-day hardships to overshadow the precious little gems of life that are all around us.

“Gratitude is being thankful in every situation – be it joy, sorrow, pain or excitement. Most people confuse gratitude with happiness. The belief we hold to be true is that one should only show gratitude if they are happy. In times of sorrow, we question our need for gratification. We tend to think God has hidden Himself from us,”Mrs Kyagulanyi said.

“There are very many people who would want to be who you are. There are very many people who would want to be where you are, but you choose not to be grateful for what you have at that point,” she strongly emphasized.

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Mrs Kyagulanyi made reference to Proverbs 18:21 and explained how death and life are in the power of the tongue.

She noted that this power can either be used to create something, speak and release positive words of love, encouragement, and edification. “For the poor to say they are rich is prophecy,” she noted. “Do you know that you can get down on your knees, and prophecy whatever you want to see manifest upon your life?”

“Why did I want to work with people who are less privileged? It’s because I knew they have no hope, and they were blind. They cannot see the things they have around them. These are people who have breath, but cannot see that their are other people breathing with oxygen cans in the car. I want to show them there is a lot they can be grateful about,” she said.

Barbie said list of things she needed in her future included pursuing a course in social works, and the kind man she wanted to get married to, “I spent a whole year in prayer and fasting,” she said.

“Time came and I encountered these people, and I became one with them,” she added. Mrs Kyagulanyi said God cannot trust someone with something He knows they cannot utilize.

“Why should He give you more if He knows you won’t share it with the people that need it? Nature dictates it that way; give and get – you are creating more space. The act of giving opens up more doors for you to receive even more than what you have,” she added.

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It was revealed during the gathering that MP Kyagulanyi spent an entire year without taking alcohol, something he attributed more so to his wife. The 36-year old ‘Freedom’ hit singer is also said to have regretted the days he spent taking marijuana, and the youth he misled into the practice.

“I believe Bobi Wine is being transformed because there is a strong woman. Your story Barbie is inspiring, that is why I invited you,” Pr Bugembe said.


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