How A Jewish Woman Accepted Jesus After Encounter With An Angel

All I knew was that Jesus was the false God of the gentiles because that’s kind of what was beaten into our heads since we were very young

A Jewish woman has given her life to Christ after having an encounter with an angel. She recently shared her story with CBN News.

Author of Autumn Whisper Alyse Merritt shares her experience of growing up Jewish:

“All I knew was that Jesus was the false God of the gentiles because that’s kind of what was beaten into our heads since we were very young,” Merritt told CBN News. “I thought actually that he was Catholic or Italian because of everything I’d been told and seen on T.V.”

“It wasn’t until college that I had a supernatural encounter,” she continued.

In college, Merritt got a job at a frozen yogurt place. That was when she met a man who told her the Gospel.

“A man who was literally about seven feet tall with piercing blue eyes one day came in. He had a white Bible that was huge. It was about the size of a family Bible and he started telling me the gospel from this Bible and that Jesus was actually Jewish,” she shared. “For the first time in my life I was told that Jesus was a Jewish savior and that he was my Messiah.”

She says she would see this man in random places as she was about town, and over some months, she chose to put her faith in Jesus due to his message.

She wanted to tell this man who had witnessed to her that she had accepted Christ, but when she tried to contact him or find him, he was nowhere to be found. It was as though he never existed.

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Some time later, Merritt was at the home of a Christian friend and she saw a painting of the man on the wall of the friend’s home.

“Where did you get this picture? Who painted this?” Merritt asked her friend.

“She and her husband proceeded to tell me that that was an angel that her friend had witnessed when she was on her deathbed. A seven-foot angel appeared to her and said Jesus was going to heal her… She described him as being seven feet tall, with piercing blue eyes.”

Merritt believes this man was an angel sent by God to bring her to faith in Him and encourages believers everywhere to tell others about Christ.



First seen on CBN
Source: Believers’ Portal



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