Foods rich in antioxidants that you should be having daily

Free-radicals are produced in human body constantly as a result of metabolic processes and exposure to harmful pollutants. These free radicals damage or kill cellular components such as DNA or other components of cells. This can in turn be a factor for a number of problems including aging to other diseases.Antioxidants are body’s defense mechanism against these free-radicals. Antioxidants keep the free-radicals in check and prevent them from harming the cellular structures. Here are 5 foods which are rich in antioxidants.

Blueberries protects from cell damage

Blueberries are the yummiest and most versatile of the superfoods out there. These miracle fruits not only protect your body from cell damage, they also contain active components which studies have shown to protect from cancer and heart diseases. Sprinkle them on your pancakes and waffles, make a smoothie, add them to muffins for kids or just snack on them. Eating healthy can be a treat too!

Red berries are great for your health

Red coloured berries such as strawberry, raspberry and cranberries are rich in antioxidants, in fact the red colour of the berries come from the antioxidants themselves. Eating a few of them every day can be great for your overall health and protect you from free-radical damage. A study also shows that red raspberries are a great source of ellagic acid, which helps in killing cancerous cells in the body. Besides the antioxidant properties, these berries are rich in nutrients such as essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. 

Brewed coffee makes you feel better

Coffee! Ever thought that something that tastes so good and makes you feel even better can actually be good for your health. Coffee is full of disease fighting antioxidants and is chock full of them too. Coffee has been shown to lower risks for diseases such as type-2 diabetes, liver diseases, Alzheimer’s and much more. Some scientists have even agreed that coffee is a better source of antioxidants than any of the fruits or vegetables out there. Another reason to enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage in the morning!

Dark chocolate acts as an antidepressant

The list of antioxidant rich foods just got tastier. Dark chocolate not only has abundance of powerful antioxidants it also has more of them compared to some fruits and berries. Experts even recommend including dark chocolate in your everyday diet. Dark chocolate besides being great for your health, is also an antidepressant. So the next time you binge on chocolate when you are upset, grab a bar of a darker variety and be guilt free. 

Purple grapes are linked to longevity

Grapes have been associated with good health for thousands of years. Our ancestors knew the health benefits and now we may know why exactly they are so good for your body. The phytonutrients present abundantly in the darker variety of grapes are now being linked to longevity. 

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