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Uebert Angel (formerly known as Uebert Mudzanire, or Uebert Angel Mudzanire) is the founder of Spirit Embassy, a Pentecostal ministry in Zimbabwe.  The church was founded in 2007 as “Spirit Embassy” and in October of 2015 it rebranded its name to “Good News Church”, retaining “Spirit Embassy” as a term for Angel’s overall ministry.

Described as “a young charismatic prophet”, Angel travels by helicopter to preach the message that God wants his flock to be rich, as rich as he is.

He is also the founder of The Angel Organisation which is the parent company for his other business interests.


Life and career

Angel was born and grew up in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. He later moved to Manchester, England, where he founded the Spirit Embassy ministry in 2007. In October 2015 it re-branded its name to the “Good News Church” (sometimes referred to as “Spirit Embassy Good News Church”). The church ministry attracted numerous followers and there are currently 33 branches in 15 different countries in Europe and Africa. Angel has also launched Miracle TV and Good News TV where he carries out regular speaking engagements and broadcasts programs on behalf of the Good News Church. He is also the founder and president of Osborn Institute of Theology, an online Bible school which was launched in August 2012.

Business activities

Interested in entrepreneurship from an early age, Angel started his career in 2005 as a businessman when he founded Club Millionaire Limited, providing concierge services in Britain. In 2006 Angel made his first property sale, and in 2008 he founded Sam Barkeley Construction and the Angel Organisation, the parent company for his business interests, where he currently serves as CEO. He initially entered into real estate business developing residential properties and later moved to commercial establishments, land and building acquisition, as well as buying and selling of properties. Apart from Sam Barkley, Angel also runs other business enterprises under the parent company, including Brits Bank and Atom Mobile. He is also the founder of The Millionaire Academy, where he teaches individuals how to become successful entrepreneurs and run businesses of their own.

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In 2014, Angel was featured in Forbes Magazine Africa detailing his wealth. He is the second Zimbabwe-born man in history to be featured in Forbes magazine.

Humanitarian activities

Angel and his wife Beverly Angel
Prophet Angel and his wife Beverly Angel

Angel and his wife Beverly Angel have both been involved in charity work since the launch of his church in 2007. He helps poor families in Africa and Asia by providing monthly groceries and paying tuition fees of children thorough his “Adopt a Family” scheme. In November 2015, He founded Uebert Angel Foundation with his wife which helps poor students by providing scholarships, and tuition fees for education. He is also founder of Free Earth Humanitarian Organisation which works to ensure that underprivileged people have their basic needs for living met.


  • Becoming a Millionaire in Real Estate (2016)
  • God’s Get Rich Quick Scheme (2016)
  • Good News (2016)
  • The Greatest Secret God Told Me about Money (2015)
  • Prayer Banks (2014)
  • God’s medicine (2013)
  • Praying for the Impossible (2012)
  • “How To Hear The Voice of God” (2017)
  • Supernatural Power of the Believer (2010)



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