Watch: AWURADE EI (Remix Live) Calvis Hammond feat. KODA (Audio + Video + Lyrics)

AWURADE EI (Live) Calvis Hammond feat. KODA

Watch Calvis Hammond’s (Live) remixed rendition of “Awurade Ei”, the evergreen hit song he led  some 15years ago. Featuring my KODA.
It talks about the mighty Hand of God, and the instant silence of noises and storms at the lifting of God’s Mighty Hand. Enjoy The Video

AWURADE EI (Live) Calvis Hammond feat. KODA
AWURADE EI (Live) Calvis Hammond feat. KODA
Lyrics & Translation

ɛmmerɛ bi ba yɛ Yesu ne n’esuafoɔ no
(There came a time, Jesus and His disciples)
Etwa ɛpo no
(Were crossing the sea)
Ehum kɛse tu yɛ
(There was a great storm)
Asrɔkye bobɔ mu, ewie mu yɛ huhuuhu
(The waves crashed and the weather was terrifying)
Yesu sɔre yɛ m’adeɛ nyinaa yɛ din
(Jesus woke up and everything became calm)
ɔyɛ Awurade
(He is God)
N’asɛ ɔma n’ennsa so a (2x)
(When He lifts His hands)
Ade nyinaa yɛ din
(Everything becomes calm)
Awurade ei (hei)
(Oh Lord)
Sɛ woma wonnsa so a (2x)
(When You lift your hands)
Ade nyinaa yɛ din
(Everything becomes calm)
ɛmmere nso a
(During the time)
Moses ne Nyame mba retwa ɛpo kɔkɔɔ no
(When Moses and God’s People were crossing the Red Sea)
Pharoah ne n’asra foɔ no
(Pharaoh and his army)
Di won’akyi didindin
(Pursued them strongly)
Na wɔ se sɛ
(And they said)
“Yɛkɔ kyekye wɔn, yɛ de wɔn bɛ yɛ nkoa biom”
(“let’s go and arrest them, we will make them slaves again”)
Nyame ka ɛpo no si yi
(The Lord closed up the sea)
Na wɔn nyinaa wu yɛ
(And they all [Egyptians] died)
0nua wɔ asetena yi mu
(My brother, in this life)
Nsɛm bi toto awerɛhoɔ
(Some situations invoke sorrow)
Na ɛto yɛn adwendwen
(Causing us to worry)
Nanso onua kae n’ahunnu sɛ
(But my brother remember that)
Wo wɔ Bɛrimma bi a ne din ne Jesus
(You have a man called JESUS)
ɛno nti da N’ase, Da N’ase
(For this reason, thank Him, thank Him)
Da Onyame ase
(Thank the Lord)
W’ayemyɛ kɛse no nti
(For the sake of Your great grace)
ɛsɛsɛ me da Woase
(I must thank You)
Wɔ akwan nyinaa mu
(In every way possible)
Me de wo nnase ka, me Wura
(I owe you a duty of thanksgiving, my Lord)
Na me de rebrɛ Wo
(And I bring it before You)
(Great One)
Nhyira nka wo din daa
(Blessings be unto Your name always)
(Great One)
Ayeyi nka wo din daa
(Praises be unto Your name always)
(Great One)
Yɛ tontom Wo o, yɛ sɔre Wo
(We glorify You, we lift You up)
(Great One)
Mɛ bɔ Wo din akyerɛ obia, AWURADE EI (3X)
(I will proclaim Your name to everyone, Oh God)
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Recorded live at the #CHLive Concert @La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.
Additional Recording at JP Studio Lounge
Keyboards: Jerby Djokoto, Joe Medley, Joshua Amoah
Guitars: Baffour Antwi, Dominic Quarchie, Selorm Dornyoh
Bass: Jesse Djokoto
Drums: Nana Yaw Boateng

Backing Vocals:
Helen Bleppony
Barbara Ofosu
Jane Yawson
Stephanie Adenyo
Natasha Djokoto
Daisy Doe Joyce Ayesu
Nancy Osei-Afriyie
Philip T. Asare
Samuel Korboe
Ebenezer Akwesi
Michael Owusu (“Finidi”)

FOH Engineer: Jonathan Kakraba Jr.
Recording Engineer: Outluk Records
Mix and Mastering: Outluk Records
Lighting Production: JOBO Lights
Video Production: First Seven Visuals
Stage Design: Jerbette Productions(Natasha Djokoto)
Audiovisuals, LED Content, Lyrics Projection: Victor Essubonteng, Nana Ama Andoh
Costumes: Kyabiez Creations, Wear Ghana
Makeup Artist: Ezina & Just Barbs
Stage Manager: Christopher Mante, John Ayedze
Technical Production: Isaac Dzathor
Producer: Jerbette Productions (Jerby Djokoto)

Executive Producer: Hammony Music©

Special Acknowledgement
God’s Instruments, BSU, KNUST – Composition of “Awuradeei”

Nana Yaw Asare – Composition of “Odomankoma” chorus featured in Awuradeei






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